Love List: 2/22/14

Love-List-2.21.14Daydreaming can be a wonderful thing. Whether you are daydreaming about being on vacation on a tropical island sipping an ice cold drink or daydreaming about finding the perfect polka dot teacup to enjoy your newly purchased Jasmine tea, daydreaming always brings on that warm and fuzzy feeling and optimistic smile. Each week we want to help you daydream a little more by giving you a short list of things we currently love and think you would love too. The list will include everything from kitchenware to blogs with lifestyles we love. We will include links to each item on this list so that you can visit the site and find out more. We will be calling this our “Love List” series. Happy loving!

1. DIY Tea Towels,  Apartment Therapy

2. Adventurer Enamel Mug, Urban Outfitters 

3. Inside Out Champagne Glasses, MoMA

4. Ceramic Drink Dispenser in Lime, Whisk

5. Scalloped Celebration Cake Stand, Anthropologie

6. Giclee Kitchen Art Prints, Etsy

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