San Francisco: Alamo Square


When I was in San Francisco, I made sure to take every moment I could to explore the streets and all that the city has to offer. My friend and I spent two days purely on foot walking from place to place and discovering great spots along the way. Alamo Square is a pretty famous spot known for it’s “Painted Ladies“. We took a stroll through this area on our way to the flower conservatory.

As we were en route to Alamo Square I was giddy and excited to get that famous shot from atop the hill looking down at the gracefully painted building that lined the street. When we arrived my smile turned to a bit of a frown as I noticed the pretty pink house was covered in scaffolding. Once we got to the top of the hill though and I snapped a shot my smile returned and realized that even though one of the houses was getting a little “face lift” the scenery was still breathtakingly beautiful. The architecture of the houses made them feel as if they belonged together yet each one had it’s own charming quirks and characteristics. Above the tops of the houses you could also see the beautiful downtown skyline.

The skies were a little grey but the temperature was perfect for laying out in the grass. There was also an area of picnic tables where I noticed a group of gathered families laughing and enjoying the perfectly warm day. We didn’t have much time to spend at Alamo Square as there were many more areas of San Francisco we wanted to see and explore and so quickly we were on our way. However, I would definitely love to return some day and when I do I’ll be sure to have a picnic basket in hand filled with lots of goodies!







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