DIY Black & White Flower Vases

There has been a DIY project going around that I have been dying to try – faux marbled objects using nail polish! The results I saw online looked SO pretty that the project was intimidating to start. I just felt like something that pretty has to be hard to do. But I was so so wrong. I finally decided to give it a try and not only was it really easy but I was obsessed with the results.

Instead of going with the popular “mason jar” style vase, I had a couple of old pickle and pepper jars laying around that I thought would be great for this project. The pepper jars worked great because they were a little bit on the taller side making them perfect for holding flowers.

I roughed up the glass and painted them with left over paint that I had from painting my wall which also turned out great because the vases perfectly matched my entryway. For the nail polish color, I went with white to keep it simple and so that the flowers would pop. I then wrapped the tops of the jars in thin leather strips to conceal the twisting part where the lid normally goes. Michael’s has a nice selection of inexpensive leather cords if you too want to wrap the top of your jar.

Below you’ll find a list of all the materials you’ll need plus I put together a short YouTube clip to show you how to dip the jars in the paint!

Hope you enjoy the craft!

xo Jus


DIY Black & White Flower Vases

By Justine Published: May 15, 2017

    There has been a DIY project going around that I have been dying to try - faux marbled objects using nail polish! The results I saw …



    1. Clean your glass jars and rough up the surface with sand paper so that the paint sticks.
    2. Paint the jar until it is completely coated in paint. Let it dry and add a second coat if needed. I ended up giving my jars 3 coats. Let dry completely.
    3. Fill old container with warm water. The warmer the water the better as the nail polish will dry quickly if the water is cold.
    4. Place a few drops of the nail polish in the warm water. You may need to use a toothpick to swirl it around a little. Be quick though, as the nail polish dries quickly and will stick to any surface it touches.
    5. Dip your jar into the water, swirl it around to pick up the nail polish, and then remove and set aside to dry. Repeat until all of your jars are complete.
    6. Once the jars are completely dry, cut leather cord long enough to wrap around the tops of the jars.
    7. Place krazy glue on one end of the leather cord and firmly press the cord against the top of the jar until it is secure.
    8. Wrap the cord around the top of the jar multiple times until you achieve the look you desire. Cut the leather cord and place additional krazy glue to seal the end.

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