Fresh Start with Del Monte

Del-Monte-5During the winter months I always find it hard to get out of bed. The cold just makes me want to hide underneath my warm covers all day. In order to combat those winter blues, I try to make sure my breakfast choices are healthy so I can boost my morning energy. I typically like starting the day with either avocado on toast or a selection of juicy, healthy fruit.

Some mornings I’m in a complete rush and don’t always have time to prep a fruit salad or elaborate breakfast. For those hectic mornings, I’ll grab one of Del Monte’s Pure Earth juices! The juice comes in four refreshing flavors (all of which start with a pineapple base). Sipping on it is like taking a mini trip to the tropics ;).

How do you all kickstart your mornings during these dreary cold months?

xo Jus





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*This post was sponsored by Del Monte, all opinions are my own



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