Learn About It (New Series)!

Learn-About-ItThere are so many books, articles, and online educational videos out there today that you really can learn almost anything your heart desires. When I was a student, I always preferred learning through textbooks and reading. There is something I love about being able to flip through the pages of a physical book, highlight text, and jot down notes on random pages. If I want to learn about a new topic the first thing I do is search for a book about it.

In my apartment I have two of those 9×9 cubby cube bookshelves and both are lined from top to bottom with books on all different topics. When it comes to finding new books about food, although I do love a good recipe book, I tend to gravitate more towards the informational “textbooks”. These are the books that don’t just give you recipes but give you the knowledge and keys to understand food from the ground up. If you want to learn how to make great pasta you could follow recipes from your favorite chefs but that will only take you so far. If you want to learn to create your own recipes and adapt existing recipes to better suit your tastes then you have to understand why certain ingredients and flavors act the way they do.

My goal for 2016 is to pick up my books more often and learn something new as often as I can. With that said, I am starting a new “Learn About It” series where each week I will explore a new ingredient, item, cuisine, etc. and will create a post that incorporates several fun and educational facts.

Stay tuned, my first post for the series will be going live next Sunday!

xo Jus

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