Picnic Series: Battery Park City

Battery-Park-PicnicI am so excited that the weather is getting warmer because there is nothing I love more than eating outdoors. Whether it’s eating brunch outside at a restaurant or creating my own meal and heading over to a park, there is something about being in the fresh air that is just amazing. Last weekend my friend Christina from Minnie in Manhattan and I whipped up a hearty meal, grabbed my Nikon, and headed over to battery park. This is the first picnic of many and hopefully throughout this summer I’ll be able to create a series of picnic posts filled with photos from parks all around the city.

You’ll see in this post my adorable new bamboo picnic basket which you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’ve never owned a picnic basket before and never realized how convenient it is. This basket came with plastic utensils that fit perfectly in the lid. Here was our menu rundown: my favorite pasta salad from the Alex Guarnaschelli cookbook, a citrus salad, a watermelon and arugula salad, homemade lemonade, mini sandwiches, and lemon buttercream cookies. Since I’m such a treats and sweets person 🙂 the lemon buttercream cookies were my favorite and I naturally went for those first. I’ll be posting a recipe on that soon so be on the look out for it.

The area we picked to picnic in had the perfect view of the water. If you’re looking for a good spot to picnic and are in the city, if you go down to battery park and walk towards the marina area they have a few picnic tables set up. The table we picked not only looked over the water but had beautiful tulips blossoming in the background. The sun was shining and the weather was warm enough to wear shorts which I was completely excited about because I had been dying to bust out my new moto Rag & Bone shorts! My jacket is a little long so you can’t see them all that well here but fear not, they will definitely be making more appearances this summer!














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