In My Bridal Era – Planning a 2024 Wedding

Last August at a beautiful place up in the Catskills, Peter and I got engaged! I’ve been spending the last couple of months heads down in wedding plan mode leaving little to no time for recipe development or testing so it’s been a little bit quiet on that front.

However, I’ve found that I absolutely love the process of wedding/event planning. I’m not all that surprised since dinner parties and hosting is my speciality. This is just at a littttttle bit of a bigger scale.

Anyway, I thought maybe this year I’d pivot on my content a bit and lean into all the details I’m planning! I’ll share everything from cake tasting to crafting and bring you along for the journey that is “my bridal era”.

Stay tuned for all the projects I’ve been tackling, in the meantime below are some photos from our engagement weekend in the Catskills. We went up there for the Catbird festival to celebrate my birthday so my whole family was there as well! I’ve also been dabbling in the tiktok world so here’s a little video recap of the engagement weekend as well.

xo Jus

Details on the weekend:

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