How to Make a Fancy S’mores Bar


Happy National S’mores Day! I have been starting a lot of posts off  with “Happy National _______ Day!” lately and it’s because after doing a little research online it appears that nearly every day of the year celebrates one type of food or another. Some days even celebrate two. I’m not complaining, I think food should be celebrated everyday and for today it’s the s’more.

I went camping a while back and had promised I would write a post on the s’mores bar I setup and well here it is! If you are having an outdoor summer gathering soon then this is perfect for you. Instead of just setting up a s’mores bar with your traditional chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows why not take it to the next level and add some fun toppings to the mix. It could be a simple switch such as going from your regular hersheys chocolate to an interesting flavored chocolate. For this s’mores bar, I lined galvanized metal baskets from Crate & Barrel with napkins and filled them with different types of chocolates and cookies. I then filled small ramekins with sliced fruit and also put out a few different jams from the Jam Stand.

To label each of the containers, I used little “seal-n-locks” from Paper Presentation. They are easy to attach as the backs are adhesive. Each of the containers can be different and you should be creative in using everyday household items. For the marshmallows, I cleaned out a glass flower vase and put them in there! It was the perfect size.

My ideal s’more would be two graham crackers, a marshmallow, and a peanut butter cup. When the marshmallows are hot enough it melts through the chocolate and warms up the peanut butter. I don’t think I’ve eaten a regular s’more since discovering the peanut butter cup s’more. If your mouth is now watering and you plan on trying the peanut butter cup s’more you could realllyyy go all out and use my homemade pistachio buttercup recipe!

When setting up your s’mores bar, be as creative as you like and choose toppings that you think your guests would have fun trying!













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