Love List 2/15/17: Crepe Recipes (Both Savory & Sweet)

I first encountered crepes when I was studying abroad in Florence. The sweet scent of nutella wafted through the cobblestone streets and quickly drew me in. I watched in amazement as the man behind the counter gracefully poured a small amount of batter on a hot metal circle and spread it around until it was as thin as it possibly could be. Crepes are delicious and can be served in both sweet and savory fashion. I’ve always been too intimidated to try making crepes myself but after browsing around the web and coming across these delicious looking recipes, I’m thinking about giving them a try!

1. Chocolate Crepes w/ Raspberries and Cream, Mon Petit Four

2. Easy Chia Pancakes w/ Strawberries, Afrovitalityeats

3. Asparagus Mushroom Crepes, Natural Comfort Kitchen

4. Savory Crepes with Chia Seeds and Garlic, Happy Foods

5. Buttermilk Buckwheat Herb Crepes w/ Chicken & Mushroom, The Straight Dish

6. Coconut Crepes w/ Whipped Greek Yogurt & Berry Compote, The Beach House Kitchen 


Have you ever tried to make crepes? What was your experience? Hard? Easy?

xo Jus

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