What is “Mise en Place”?

Mise-en-place-setupEver find yourself in a professional cooking setting where you’ve heard the term “Mise en Place” get thrown around and you say to yourself, “Mise en .. who”? This fancy French term actually has a fairly simple meaning. It means to “put in place” aka getting all of your ingredients out and prepped before you begin.

When I first began to develop my love for being in the kitchen, I have to admit, I was a mess. My baking was messy, I never weighed anything, I waited until the end to clean up, and I never measured ingredients ahead of time. The more I baked, the more cognizant I became of how inefficiently I was working!

The above photo gives you an idea of how to get everything prepped before starting a guacamole recipe. In addition to having the ingredients measured out, the avocados, onion, tomato, and lime would already be sliced and diced as well.

Prepping all of your ingredients ahead of time really helps save you time. It also helps to ensure you are not accidentally adding ingredients twice or shuffling around your cupboards to find a specific ingredient mid recipe. If you don’t already lay out a Mise en Place then I definitely encourage you to try it the next time you are in the kitchen.

Do you have any special tricks you use to save time in the kitchen? Would love to hear about your setup in the comments below!


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