Los Angeles: Lunch at The Henry

It is undeniable that having good weather year round in Los Angeles is great mainly because dining al fresco extends way beyond the summer months. A few weekends back, when there was an extra day off, I took the time to wander around the surrounding neighborhoods and had the chance to pop into the Henry.

I loved how large the space was at the Henry. I do like when places are intimate and cozy for certain occasions but when I just want to have some space and be seated quickly then a large, open restaurant is the right choice. The Henry has a big outdoor seating section that wraps arounds two sides of the building with both booth and table seating. The navy blue and white wicker chairs makes you feel like you’re transported to a cute French bistro. String lights hang in the air and heat lamps deck the perimeter.

If you’re not looking to dine outside, you can pop inside where the ceilings are high and decor is modern and chic. Lounge like couches line the front of the restaurant just next to the bar if you want to kick back and enjoy a drink while you wait for a table.

The menu itself was pretty vast and looked like it had something for everyone. Featured here you’ll see the green garden kale and chopped chicken salads. I also ordered the rhubarb Paloma which arrived garnished with hibiscus salt and fresh grapefruit.

The salads were fresh and had just the perfect amount of dressing. There’s nothing I hate more when a salad has SO much dressing that it becomes soggy. But these were perfectly tossed and the lettuce still crisp.

Overall, I’ll definitely return! I arrived too late to try the brunch menu so next time I’ll be heading back earlier. With options including caramel apple french toast and a rancheros breakfast bowl, it sounds like brunch is a must.

Have you been to the Henry? What is your favorite brunch dish?

xo Jus

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