#PretzelParty! Soft Baked Pretzels with Parmesan Cheese

The other day I had an urge to make soft baked pretzels – it’s definitely been a while since the last time I’ve made pretzels. But I do love them. I remember as a kid, when my dad worked in Philly, he would stop at a pretzel factory on his way home and bring us fresh baked pretzels with generous amounts of salt. They were still warm by the time they were devoured.

For these pretzels, I stuck with a basic recipe that Alton Brown uses on Food Network. You can find the recipe here. I used the perfect pretzel mat by Silpat to help get the right shape and size. Then I topped them with parmesan cheese and a little bit of garlic powder for flavor. I then sprinkled on a generous amount of salt (just like the pretzels I would have as a kid).

After they were baked, I let them cool slightly and paired it with a new mustard from Maille. They recently opened up a store in Flatiron that I pass regularly so I’ve been dying to try out some of their interesting flavors. This time I tried the acacia honey and orange blossom mustard. It has a pretty spicy kick but you definitely taste the sweetness from the honey.

Making pretzels can take some time to make because you need to let the dough rise but it makes for a good afternoon or weekend project with friends and family. Plus you can get as crazy as you’d like with the toppings!

What’s your favorite pretzel toppings and/or dipping sauces?

xo Jus

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