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02 Oct Love List 10/2/14: Soups

It's that time of year where the temperatures start to change and those colds start to creep up on you. I've been a little congested for the past few days and have been craving nothing but soup. In an attempt to satisfy my cravings, I've...

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24 Sep Love List 9/24/14: Cupcakes

I've  been on a serious cupcake craze lately and have been baking them left and right! This week's love list will be dedicated to a delicious list of fun cupcakes that would be perfect for any birthday/party/holiday. Hopefully one of the recipes here will inspire...

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16 Sep Love List 9/16/14: National Guacamole Day

Happy National Guacamole Day! There are so many ways in which guacamole can be used and so I'm dedicating this week's love list to a collection of delicious guacamole recipes. 1. Guacamole with Feta, Innocent Delight 2. Watermelon Feta Guacamole, Two Peas and Their Pod 3. Mini Taco Cups, Maya...

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