• Valentine’s Day S’mores
  • Cheers to a New Year
  • Happy Holidays!
  • New Year’s Eve Prosecco Cupcake Tower
  • Weekend Trip Essentials Including Luna Bar’s New Gluten Free Treats!

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  • Valentine’s Day S’mores

    Valentine’s Day S’mores

    I cannot believe it is already the end of January. I owe you all a huge apology for being completely M.I.A. this month, the weeks flew by! After the new year, I decided to sign up for a few courses at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education) to brush up on my kitchen skills. So far, it's been great and I'm learning so many amazing techniques and tips. However, it's also made my schedule pretty darn full. My goal for… Read More »
  • Love List 1/7/14: Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

    Love List 1/7/14: Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

    My dad is a huge fan of cast iron cooking and he recently handed down one of his cast iron skillets to me. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of using it because I wasn't sure how to properly season it and everything would stick. Over the past month, I've been using it a bit more frequently and am really starting to get the hang of using it! I decided… Read More »
  • Cheers to a New Year

    Cheers to a New Year

    As we embark on the New Year, I wanted to take the chance to wish everyone health and happiness in 2015! New Year's Eve only comes once a year and I wasn't going to miss my chance to use this as an excuse to dress up! I usually go with something glitzy and glittery but this year I decided to keep it classy. I went with a black and white outfit and added a pop of color… Read More »
  • Winter Solstice Celebration

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    The holiday season is in full swing with all types of celebrations. Recently, I was invited to a fun get together from my fellow blogger friend Alison from Food by Mars. She hosted an amazing party to celebrate Winter Solstice. This holiday marks the first office day of winter and is the shortest day of the year. If you're unfamiliar with the holiday, be sure to check out Alison's post. She also gives tips on how… Read More »
  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season filled with laughter, family, friends, and FOOD! I am very excited to be back home in NJ for Christmas because being able to spend time with family is super important to me. Our house is already bustling with holiday cheer as we prepare for guests tonight. The Christmas music is playing, Yogi (our Boston Terrier) is running around with his shiny new toys, and the tables are filled with… Read More »
  • New Year’s Eve Prosecco Cupcake Tower

    New Year’s Eve Prosecco Cupcake Tower

    With New Year's Eve around the corner, it's time to bust out the sparklers, glitter, confetti, and Prosecco! Living in the city, it can be really hectic if you want to go out on New Years. It's always so hard to get a cab not to mention ticket prices to any venue are sky high. I love entertaining and New Year's Eve is no exception. This year I plan on inviting over a few close friends… Read More »
  • Love List 12/17/14: Holiday Cocktails

    Love List 12/17/14: Holiday Cocktails

    Have you started celebrating the holidays yet?! I have a few holiday parties coming up this week and next and I am super excited! I rounded up a group of some great cocktails for the holiday season. If you haven't finished up your bar menu yet for any gatherings you may be hosting then be sure to check out these recipes below! 1. Spiced Apple Margaritas, Cookie + Kate 2. The Nutcracker Cocktail, Sweet Phi 3. Gingerbread Shooters, Something… Read More »
  • Weekend Trip Essentials Including Luna Bar’s New Gluten Free Treats!

    Weekend Trip Essentials Including Luna Bar’s New Gluten Free Treats!

    This weekend I'm taking a long overdue break from the hustle and bustle of the city to head up to Vermont. I'm not the best skier but it will still be nice to breathe some fresh air and have some SPACE! I tend to overpack for most occasions and even though I will only be gone for a few days, I still managed to fill up an entire rolling suitcase. We are driving up to Killington and… Read More »
  • Love List 12/10/14: Homemade Marshmallows

    Love List 12/10/14: Homemade Marshmallows

    As soon as the weather turns cold, I start drinking at least 6 hot drinks a day. I usually stick to tea but when I want to indulge in something warm and sweet I go with a classic hot cocoa. The best and easiest way to spice up a regular hot chocolate is by adding homemade marshmallows! Making marshmallows from scratch allows endless flavor possibilities. This week's love list is here to introduce you to a world of… Read More »
  • Olive and Red Bell Pepper Tapenade

    Olive and Red Bell Pepper Tapenade

    I think I'm aiming for the title "Crostini Queen" over here. There are a handful of crostini recipes already on the blog such as the peach crostini with roasted blueberries and the beet and goat cheese crostini but I still just can't seem to get enough of these little toasts. This past weekend I did a little experimenting and came up with this tapenade topped crostini! I hope you guys are enjoying all of the variations because I definitely plan on… Read More »
  • Holiday Inspiration

    Holiday Inspiration

    December always means lots of holiday parties! Before I'm planning a party, I always like to develop a direction for the decor/treats/setup. To do this, I like to create a "mood board" by putting together a collection of inspiring images. Developing a mood board helps me decide color scheme and style. This year I've been really into mixing and matching gold, red, and black (as you can see from the mood board above). The colors come… Read More »
  • Love List 12/3/14: Cookies

    Love List 12/3/14: Cookies

    Tomorrow (December 4th) is National Cookie day! With the holidays around the corner, I feel like we're officially entering cookie season. Every year I always make it a tradition to make dozens of different cookies and package them up for friends and family. This week's love list is to help inspire your upcoming cookie baking sessions. 1. Red Velvet Oreos, Peaches & Cream 2. Nutella Therapy Cookies, Cleobuttera 3. Pizzelle, Kitchen Confidante 4. Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti, Thyme & Tamarind… Read More »
  • Trip to Grey Dog Cafe + Fresh Tangerine Jewelry Giveaway!

    Trip to Grey Dog Cafe + Fresh Tangerine Jewelry Giveaway!

    I'm not a huge fan of cold weather and definitely prefer summer to winter. However, the one thing I do like about this season is the food that comes with it. Recently, my friend Brittany from No Fomo and I stopped by The Grey Dog cafe and indulged in some pumpkin pie. This cafe is one of my favorites to visit when I'm looking for a laid back atmosphere that serves both coffee and food.… Read More »
  • Thanksgiving in Brooklyn

    Thanksgiving in Brooklyn

    Over the years, Thanksgiving has really grown to become one of my favorite holidays. This year was even extra special because just a few days prior (November 25th) marked the two year anniversary for Pretty in Pistachio! It was completely coincidental that I decided to start the blog around this time of year. However, I find it very fitting that the anniversary is so near to a holiday that celebrates the joy of getting together… Read More »
  • Love List 11/26/14: Thanksgiving Recipes

    Love List 11/26/14: Thanksgiving Recipes

    If you're looking for some last minute ideas to add to your Thanksgiving Day menu then you've come to the right place :). This week's love list is dedicated to a collection of recipes that are perfect for tomorrow's big celebration! 1. Cinnamon Buttermilk Pie, The Little Epicurean  2. Raspberry Apple Pie, A Spicy Perspective 3. Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions, Foodess 4. Butternut Squash Anna, Apron Strings Blog 5. Bourbon Maple Glazed Carrots, Cooking and Beer 6. Parmesan… Read More »
  • Nibblr Treats + a Free Snack Box!

    Nibblr Treats + a Free Snack Box!

    As you may already know, my life is pretty hectic and I'm always on the go. I often find myself running late to shoots and events on an empty stomach. I recently discovered this awesome new snack subscription box called Nibblr where they send you a box full of individually wrapped snack mixes! Each portion is sealed in a small plastic container making it easy to grab on the go. For my first Nibblr box,… Read More »
  • Love List 11/19/14: Thanksgiving Decor

    Love List 11/19/14: Thanksgiving Decor

    This week's love list is filled with the perfect crafts to make your Thanksgiving a little extra special. 1. Geometric Paper Tablecloth, MayDae 2. Fall Thankful Tree, Crafts Unleashed 3. Place Card Holders, All Parenting 4. Mini Pie Place Cards, The Merry Thought 5. Place Card and Treat Bag, Live Craft Love 6. Multifunctional Tree Slice, Nalle's House   Read More »
  • #KiplingHolidayTour + Event RSVP!

    #KiplingHolidayTour + Event RSVP!

    The temperature here in New York has definitely dropped down a bit in recent weeks which means all my light weight clothing is now tucked away in storage. Once the air starts to turn crisp, I'm all about the comfort. I love layering up comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts. I've known Kipling for their bags and accessories but I didn't know they also carried clothing. I only made this awesome discovery when I checked out their new… Read More »
  • Love List 11/12/14: Chili Recipes

    Love List 11/12/14: Chili Recipes

    Warm up your belly with this week's love list of Chili recipes! 1. Spicy Turkey Chili, The Whole Bite 2. Chili Stuffed Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins, Climbing Grier Mountain 3. Momo's Turkey Chili, Life is but a Dish 4. Chili, Veggies by Candlelight 5. Lime Chicken Chili, Delightful Made 6. Crockpot Mexican Beer Chili, The Crumby Cupcake   Read More »
  • Grand Opening of Celsius at Bryant Park

    Grand Opening of Celsius at Bryant Park

    Every year during the winter, Bryant Park fills up with amazing restaurants, shops, and an ice skating rink. One of those restaurants is Celsius. This glass enclosed, two story, winter wonderland overlooks the ice skating rink making it the perfect people watching restaurant. They even have an outdoor space filled with heat lamps and chic white couches to create a casual cocktail setting. Recently, they hosted their annual grand opening party so I grabbed my camera and… Read More »