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  • Love List 8/27/14: Labor Day Recipes

    Love List 8/27/14: Labor Day Recipes

    This summer flew by way too quickly. With Labor Day coming up, I will definitely be spending the weekend outdoors grilling and enjoying the last few days of summer. This week's love list is a collection of recipes that are great for Labor Day weekend! 1. Chipotle Honey Glazed Chicken, The Iron You 2. Grilled Herb and Tomato Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms, Back to Her Roots 3. Berry Stripe No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes, Sift & Whisk 4. Rustic Lemon Tart, Like Mother… Read More »
  • Birthday Celebration

    Birthday Celebration

    Today I am celebrating my 23rd birthday and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the great things that have happened in my life this past year! I know that this year will be just as special as the last and I am very excited for all that is to come. I also love being able to celebrate my birthday in August. There were definitely some setbacks as a kid such as always being the youngest… Read More »
  • Love List 8/20/14: Lemonades for National Lemonade Day

    Love List 8/20/14: Lemonades for National Lemonade Day

    Happy National Lemonade day everyone! To help inspire you to make a creative lemonade, I've gathered a love list full of interesting lemonade recipes that go beyond the simple lemon, sugar, and ice combination. 1. Honey Lavendar Lemonade, Spache the Spatula 2. Blueberry Lavendar Lemonade, Baking a Moment 3. Fresh Basil Lemonade, Detoxinista 4. Sparkling Peach Mint Lemonade, The Kitchen McCabe 5. Mango Lemonade, You Too Can Cook 6. Raspberry Lemonade, Deliciously Sprinkled Are you guys making any fun lemonades for… Read More »
  • The Bayou Summer Cocktail Making Series

    The Bayou Summer Cocktail Making Series

    Happy Monday everyone!! I am so excited to share this news with you on this sunny summer morning. Recently, I teamed up with the Bayou restaurant and Green Lit Productions to bring you my first ever video series!! The Bayou is a southern inspired restaurant with a menu that keeps you coming back. Chef Tyler Baxter apprenticed under Emeril Lagasse in New Orleans before becoming the creative chef behind this restaurant. The detail in every… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Saiwalks Vietnamese Streetfood

    San Francisco: Saiwalks Vietnamese Streetfood

    Wanted to share this delicious quick stop restaurant I tried while in San Francisco! Typically when I'm starving and want something I know will be good I'll default to pasta, pizza, or anything Italian. For this San Francisco trip however, I was roaming the streets with one of my good friends who was in the mood for something a little different. We had not eaten since breakfast that day and so our stomaches were growling which… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Cafe La Vie

    San Francisco: Cafe La Vie

    Today on the blog I wanted to share an adorable cafe I found in San Francisco. My friend and I had another long day of travels ahead of us and so we had to start the day off with a coffee. We stopped by Cafe La Vie. This little cafe is tucked away in Hayes Valley on Octavia street. They serve interesting drinks including a sea salt latte. I decided to go for a hazelnut latte and… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Treats from Tartine

    San Francisco: Treats from Tartine

    When I knew I was going out to San Francisco, I reached out to multiple friends for suggestions of where to go. Hands down the most votes went to Tartine bakery. Known for it’s fresh baked bread, Tartine will sometimes have lines that wrap around the corner. By the time I was able to make my way to Tartine, it was late afternoon and all of the bread was already sold out! The plus side… Read More »
  • Love List 8/13/14: Recipes with Coffee

    Love List 8/13/14: Recipes with Coffee

    I am a huge fan of coffee and am one of those people that drinks at least one cup every morning. For a while I switched to just drinking tea but it wasn't long before I was back to drinking coffee. For the love of coffee, I decided to make this week's love list based on different recipes that use coffee. Enjoy! 1. Chocolate Eclairs with Coffee Cream, Wholesome Cook 2. Coffee Italian Ice, Bakers Royale 3.… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Hiking

    San Francisco: Hiking

    Yesterday on the blog I mentioned how important it is to take some time to yourself and enjoy life. Our minds are constantly racing at a million miles a minute and to avoid burning out it’s important that sometimes you shut it off, you stop looking at your digital screens and you just enjoy your surroundings. After my stay at the Marriott Marquis, I had to head over to our company HQ (I work full… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Samovar Tea

    San Francisco: Samovar Tea

    When I first arrived in San Francisco, I was staying at the Marriott Marquis which is in the downtown area. It was around dinner time by the time I checked into my hotel and I could start to hear my stomach growl. Not too far from the hotel I came across this open  grassy area which, thanks to google maps, I discovered was called Yerba Buena Gardens. Within that area were two cute restaurants that overlooked the… Read More »
  • How to Make a Fancy S’mores Bar

    How to Make a Fancy S’mores Bar

    Happy National S'mores Day! I have been starting a lot of posts off  with "Happy National _______ Day!" lately and it's because after doing a little research online it appears that nearly every day of the year celebrates one type of food or another. Some days even celebrate two. I'm not complaining, I think food should be celebrated everyday and for today it's the s'more. I went camping a while back and had promised I would… Read More »
  • What, Wear, When: Weekend Brunch at Marketa

    What, Wear, When: Weekend Brunch at Marketa

     Brunch is one of my favorite meals. I used to make it a habit to do brunch at least once a week with a group of friends and it was usually the "bottomless brunch" where restaurants set a standard price and the mimosas were unlimited! Part of the reason why brunch is one of my favorite meals is because it's more of an event then just a quick bite. It requires gathering of the troops,… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Alamo Square

    San Francisco: Alamo Square

    When I was in San Francisco, I made sure to take every moment I could to explore the streets and all that the city has to offer. My friend and I spent two days purely on foot walking from place to place and discovering great spots along the way. Alamo Square is a pretty famous spot known for it's "Painted Ladies". We took a stroll through this area on our way to the flower conservatory. As… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Four Barrel Coffee

    San Francisco: Four Barrel Coffee

    Every time I travel I try to find the cute coffee shops that locals like to go to. When I found myself in the Mission District of San Francisco during my travels I turned to Yelp to help me find my morning cup of coffee before starting on another long day of city exploring. Four Barrel quickly popped up on yelp with a high rating and was nearby so i headed straight for it. This… Read More »
  • National Root Beer Float Day & a Trip to Bareburger

    National Root Beer Float Day & a Trip to Bareburger

    My friend and I celebrated National Root Beer Float day a little early as we went to Bareburger yesterday and decided to try out their colossal root beer float. The thing was massive, probably the size of my head. It's been years since either of us have had a root beer float and as soon as the sweet root beer hit my taste buds I was instantly brought back to the memory of childhood trips… Read More »
  • Love List 8/6/14: Crostinis

    Love List 8/6/14: Crostinis

    I am always making crostinis. They're easy and the ingredient combinations are endless. Recently, Today.com featured one of my crostini recipes in their Artisinal Toast roundup and got me inspired to do a round up of the beloved crostini as well! Here are a list of some crostinis that are definitely worth checking out. 1. Berry Crostini with Whipped Goat Cheese, Damn Delicious 2. Roasted Tomato and Burrata Caprese Salad with Garlic Toasts, Bowl of Delicious 3.… Read More »
  • Cheers to a Fit Life: Color Challenge

    Cheers to a Fit Life: Color Challenge

    Recently on Instagram, Jillian from Cheers to a Fit Life reached out and asked if I wanted to take part in a challenge she was hosting. The task was to spend a week eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, take photos, and share! My answer was undeniably YES! Not only would this help me to eat healthy this week but I also absolutely love incorporating bright colors into my life at every chance I get. To see… Read More »
  • San Francisco: Renegade Craft Fair

    San Francisco: Renegade Craft Fair

    Back in July I had to spend a few weeks in San Francisco for work. During that time, I was lucky enough to have some free time here and there that allowed me to explore the city. I discovered a dozen cute cafes and fun places to visit and made sure I took A LOT of photos. I'm finally settled back in New York and have some time to go through all of the photos. I'll be… Read More »
  • Happy National Watermelon Day!

    Happy National Watermelon Day!

    Happy National Watermelon Day everyone! The cake in the above photo might look a little familiar if you checked out my post yesterday which included instructions on how to create the decorative flag that's atop the cake. What you may not have known from the tutorial yesterday was that the "cake" I was using was actually a watermelon! Sneaky, I know ;). I've been seeing this fun little watermelon cake pop up on Pinterest a… Read More »
  • DIY: Celebration Cake Flag Tutorial

    DIY: Celebration Cake Flag Tutorial

    Wow, I cannot believe that it is already August, this summer is really flying by! I do love August however because my birthday happens this month and I always get into such a "crafty" mood. The other day I was browsing through Papersource in Soho and one of the sales associates introduced me to this amazing new tool: the heat embosser. If you love using stamps or like things to have a professional finish then… Read More »