• #KiplingHolidayTour + Event RSVP!
  • Love List 11/12/14: Chili Recipes
  • Grand Opening of Celsius at Bryant Park
  • Friendsgiving Guest Post for Tiny Prints
  • Love List 10/29/14: Halloween Treats

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  • Love List 11/26/14: Thanksgiving Recipes

    Love List 11/26/14: Thanksgiving Recipes

    If you're looking for some last minute ideas to add to your Thanksgiving Day menu then you've come to the right place :). This week's love list is dedicated to a collection of recipes that are perfect for tomorrow's big celebration! 1. Cinnamon Buttermilk Pie, The Little Epicurean  2. Raspberry Apple Pie, A Spicy Perspective 3. Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions, Foodess 4. Butternut Squash Anna, Apron Strings Blog 5. Bourbon Maple Glazed Carrots, Cooking and Beer 6. Parmesan… Read More »
  • Nibblr Treats + a Free Snack Box!

    Nibblr Treats + a Free Snack Box!

    As you may already know, my life is pretty hectic and I'm always on the go. I often find myself running late to shoots and events on an empty stomach. I recently discovered this awesome new snack subscription box called Nibblr where they send you a box full of individually wrapped snack mixes! Each portion is sealed in a small plastic container making it easy to grab on the go. For my first Nibblr box,… Read More »
  • Love List 11/19/14: Thanksgiving Decor

    Love List 11/19/14: Thanksgiving Decor

    This week's love list is filled with the perfect crafts to make your Thanksgiving a little extra special. 1. Geometric Paper Tablecloth, MayDae 2. Fall Thankful Tree, Crafts Unleashed 3. Place Card Holders, All Parenting 4. Mini Pie Place Cards, The Merry Thought 5. Place Card and Treat Bag, Live Craft Love 6. Multifunctional Tree Slice, Nalle's House   Read More »
  • #KiplingHolidayTour + Event RSVP!

    #KiplingHolidayTour + Event RSVP!

    The temperature here in New York has definitely dropped down a bit in recent weeks which means all my light weight clothing is now tucked away in storage. Once the air starts to turn crisp, I'm all about the comfort. I love layering up comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts. I've known Kipling for their bags and accessories but I didn't know they also carried clothing. I only made this awesome discovery when I checked out their new… Read More »
  • Love List 11/12/14: Chili Recipes

    Love List 11/12/14: Chili Recipes

    Warm up your belly with this week's love list of Chili recipes! 1. Spicy Turkey Chili, The Whole Bite 2. Chili Stuffed Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins, Climbing Grier Mountain 3. Momo's Turkey Chili, Life is but a Dish 4. Chili, Veggies by Candlelight 5. Lime Chicken Chili, Delightful Made 6. Crockpot Mexican Beer Chili, The Crumby Cupcake   Read More »
  • Grand Opening of Celsius at Bryant Park

    Grand Opening of Celsius at Bryant Park

    Every year during the winter, Bryant Park fills up with amazing restaurants, shops, and an ice skating rink. One of those restaurants is Celsius. This glass enclosed, two story, winter wonderland overlooks the ice skating rink making it the perfect people watching restaurant. They even have an outdoor space filled with heat lamps and chic white couches to create a casual cocktail setting. Recently, they hosted their annual grand opening party so I grabbed my camera and… Read More »
  • Friendsgiving Guest Post for Tiny Prints

    Friendsgiving Guest Post for Tiny Prints

    I cannot believe it's already November! It feels like just yesterday it was August and I was celebrating my birthday! This is when it starts to become the busiest time of the year for me with all of the holiday planning. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but it can take a lot of work and a lot of prep! To help you all get organized and plan for the upcoming feasts you'll be… Read More »
  • Love List 10/29/14: Halloween Treats

    Love List 10/29/14: Halloween Treats

    Who is excited for Halloween?! Have you picked out what treats you'll be making yet? Hopefully this week's treat filled love list helps inspire you to get crafty in the kitchen this holiday! 1. Butterfinger Fudge, A baJillian Recipes 2. Homemade Almond Joys, Miss Renaissance 3. Frankenstein Cupcake, Your Cup of Cake 4. Candy Corn Meringue Swirls, The Simple Sweet Life 5. Boozy Oreo Cheesecake Bars,  Buttercream Blondie 6. Pumpkin Spice Cake Balls, The Baker Mama     Read More »
  • Stylight Launches in the US

    Stylight Launches in the US

    Recently, I heard news that the amazing online fashion company, Stylight, was launching in the US! My friend Brittany from No Fear of Missing Out and I were lucky enough to secure two spots to their launch party. The party was absolutely amazing and filled with all types of goodies such as sweet heart shaped lollipops and rum filled cocktails. The event was held at the spacious Roots Studio and they brought in the talented… Read More »
  • DIY Halloween Candy Corn Cake

    DIY Halloween Candy Corn Cake

    What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a cake that resembles candy corn! This simple vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream is made a little festive with some food coloring and topped with candy corn pieces. The flavors aren't too complex making it fairly easy to make. The cake recipe I used is also super fluffy making the cake look sky high (I love when cakes come out tall!). Materials: 1 batch of white cake mix (I… Read More »
  • How to Host a Halloween Candy Bash

    How to Host a Halloween Candy Bash

    I love Halloween because it's the one time of year where it's socially acceptable to eat lots of TREATS! Holidays are fun but they can also become stressful when you're the one hosting. For this candy bash, I kept it simple. Here are 5 simple tips to follow if you plan on hosting your own candy bash: 1. Plan Ahead Pinterest is your friend! Make sure you give yourself enough time to go through all those pinboards… Read More »
  • DIY Halloween Treat Pouch

    DIY Halloween Treat Pouch

    Holidays always put me in a crafting mood. I love Halloween because I have a huge sweet tooth. I absolutely love the products that Tiny Prints has to offer and I was lucky enough to have them send me some of their adorable Halloween stickers customized with my own text! I decided to use the stickers for a DIY treat pouch. These little candy pouches only require a few materials and are pretty easy to make. They're… Read More »
  • Love List 10/15/14: Halloween Crafts

    Love List 10/15/14: Halloween Crafts

    In preparation for Halloween later this month, I decided to put together a love list of festive Halloween crafts for you to try! These are fairly easy and will help add that extra special touch to any candy bash or Halloween party you plan on hosting. :) 1. Stenciled Treat Bags,  Alice & Lois 2. Hipster Halloween Ghost Cupcake Topper, Love From Ginger 3. Candy Corn Trivets, Alyssa and Carla 4. Ghostly Pudding Cupcakes, I Should Be Mopping the… Read More »
  • Smiley Print + a Coupon!

    Smiley Print + a Coupon!

    There are three things in this world that I absolutely love: food, photography, and instagram. When I was in school, my favorite class was Intro to Photography. This was because we were really learning the basics and the foundation of photography. We didn't even pick up a digital camera! We would shoot using film and develop everything on our own in the dark room. There is just something about being able to hold your photographs in real… Read More »
  • Coffee Stop at Sweet Corner Bakeshop

    Coffee Stop at Sweet Corner Bakeshop

    Happy Monday everyone! Now that fall is here, I'm starting to wear fewer dresses to work and more button downs. I found this amazing Yumi Kim white top and wanted to share it with you. I actually got it at Nordstrom Rack but Yumi Kim has the same style available online in different colors. I couldn't find the white one online but listed a similar white one below! I also wanted to share out some photos from… Read More »
  • Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies from the trEATs Book

    Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies from the trEATs Book

    For my birthday this year, I received the trEATs book by April Carter. As you know, I looooove sweets so this book is perfect for me. All the treats in this book are also the perfect size for "gifting"and April even provides tips on how to package your baked goods! I do plan on trying out almost all of the recipes in the book. To start, I went for the Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies and I wanted to share… Read More »
  • Hashbrowns & Hashtags

    Hashbrowns & Hashtags

    Brunch is absolutely my favorite meal so when I was recently asked if I would like to attend the Hashbrowns & Hashtags event at Chalkpoint Kitchen this Saturday my answer was absolutely a YES! My answer was yes the minute I heard the word brunch but when I found out what would actually be going on at this event I grew even more excited. They will be having an incredible panel including Marlo Scott of Sweet Revenge, Cyndi… Read More »
  • Love List 10/8/14: Pumpkin Recipes

    Love List 10/8/14: Pumpkin Recipes

    It's that time of year where the leaves start changing colors, the air gets crisp, and the pumpkin patches are filled with bright orange beauties! Whether you plan on going pumpkin picking this fall or just plan on picking up some pumpkin at a nearby market, these recipes will surely help you get creative with how to incorporate pumpkin into delicious treats! 1. Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie, The Cookie Rookie 2. Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Cupcakes, 3 Boys Unprocessed … Read More »
  • Love List 10/2/14: Soups

    Love List 10/2/14: Soups

    It's that time of year where the temperatures start to change and those colds start to creep up on you. I've been a little congested for the past few days and have been craving nothing but soup. In an attempt to satisfy my cravings, I've been scavenging the web for recipes. This week's love list is a collection of the mouthwatering recipes I've come across. :) 1. Hearty Chicken and White Bean Soup, Maria Ushakova 2.… Read More »
  • Love List 9/24/14: Cupcakes

    Love List 9/24/14: Cupcakes

    I've  been on a serious cupcake craze lately and have been baking them left and right! This week's love list will be dedicated to a delicious list of fun cupcakes that would be perfect for any birthday/party/holiday. Hopefully one of the recipes here will inspire your next baking session! 1. Root Beer Cupcakes, Midwestern Meals 2. Junior Mint Cupcakes, Foodie Fanatic 3. Pumpkin Kahlua Cupcakes, Living Better Together 4. Macadamia Caramel Cupcakes, City Cupcakes 5. Caramel Apple Cupcakes, 3 Boys… Read More »